EMC CIO Connect Summit: Verdict and Outlook

It’s been almost three weeks now since the EMC CIO Connect Summit 2014 in Istanbul. Much has been discussed, and much has been learned. Time for Mohammed Amin to give his personal verdict on the event and grant us a first glimpse into its future.

IMG_0010When talking to colleagues about the CIO Connect Summit, I’ve often been asked what my personal highlight was. Not an easy question as it might seem, as I’m generally very pleased with the entire Summit itself. That’s also why for me, there were basically two highlights:

For one, it was the overall quality of the presentations. Be it the keynotes at the beginning, or the different sessions within the three Break-Out Tracks, covering the three most pressing topics of todays IT-landscape: Big Data, Cloud & Virtualization and Security & Availability. Every single one of them was offering top insights, innovative ideas as well as interesting use-cases and with that managed to lay the foundation for exactly what we wanted to achieve with the CIO Connect Summits. It provided a kind of roadmap for the industry – showing our customers where the industry is heading, which challenges await, how some have already tackled them and of course: how EMC can be a valuable partner on this journey.

And this brings us straight to the second, and probably even more important highlight of this years‘ EMC CIO Connect Summit: the number and quality of our attendees! Over a hundred C-Level decision makers from all over the world traveled to Istanbul, using a lot of their precious time just to attend our summit. In doing so, as many of them told me, not only that they now have a better feeling and understanding for the transformation our industry is going through, but also for the concept of the EMC Federation and how the combined knowledge and technology of RSA, Pivotal, VMware, EMC and others can help them achieve great things. Even aside from EMC there were a lot of other benefits for them. Many of our attendees were able to use the summit as a great platform to exchange with their counterparts in the industry, talk in detail about use-cases and projects and therefore leave the event with a much better understanding of what’s happening right now. A fact, that not only strengthens me in my deep conviction about the event, but of course also heavily influences our future plans for it.


As I said in my previous blog: this has been the seventh time I have hosted the CIO Connect Summit and as it stands now, it will certainly not have been my last one. I’m proud to say, that the event is seen as a flagship event within the industry and managed to convince our partners year after year by adding more and more value to them – always being one step ahead of our time. This year, this has certainly been most true for our decision to split the break-out-sessions into said three tracks. But our industry is a fast-moving one so I can’t say for sure if we’ll maintain this mode until 2015 … or which main topic(s) will be the core ones for next year’s summit. Maybe “IT as a Service”, as it certainly is one of the hottest topics for many of our partners already and will probably become even more important over the next months and years. But who knows…

All I know for sure, is that I’m extremely happy with this years‘ summit and would like to use this opportunity again, to thank everyone who attended and/or helped to make this event happen.

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