Tough enough for almost anything… even Yeti

“Going to work” no longer means sitting at your desk the whole day. When your working routines are of the more offbeat kind, you need tools that can deal with other than the sedentary desk-life. And yes, we have exactly what you want.

The Dell Latitude Rugged is already an integral part of the Clipper Round the World Race. Out there, on the open seas, exposed to the elements, this tried and trusted computer accompanies crews of as varied backgrounds as the jobs the Latitude Rugged has to deal with. The sailors in this race are indeed only unified in their passion for circumventing the world at sea, while their backgrounds cover everything from bankers to police officers to housewives.

Out there on the seas the Dell Latitude Rugged is used to plot routes as well as for general navigation. But there is a lot more for it to do, whether it finds itself out at sea, on a dusty building site, in the middle of a big firefighting operation or skiing … in the Himalayas. It makes it possible to continue doing whatever you want or must, whenever you need it.

The Dell Latitude Rugged is heat-proof up to 71°C and frost-proof down to -50°C. It shrugs off dust and dirt like a water spaniel – and can even be hosed off so you can see the keys and the screen again since it is waterproof to the level of IP65. It comes with either a compact 12″ screen or a 14″ and can be customized to your specific needs with your choice of Intel Core Processor, Windows 10 or Windows 7 and your chosen version of Microsoft Office.

Wherever your holidays or work and explorations take you, the Dell Latitude Rugged and Rugged Extreme are there to keep you connected and document your life and discoveries. This little beast of a machine can definitely take the heat – and the cold – can you and your new-found Yeti-friend…?

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