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With all the new opportunities, the fourth industrial revolution is bringing to the table in terms of connectivity, flexibility and automatization, one must not forget to keep the new risks and chances in the field of IT security in mind.

Every single time I start my single engine airplane to pursue my passion for flying, I am perfectly prepared: The flight plan including every waypoint between A and B is at hand – of course including an alternate airport if the primary one should be closed. The fuel-calculation is done, the weight considered and the most recent weather forecast checked. I even contact the military to make sure they don’t have any activities planned in the area (as I’m often flying through the swiss alps, this is rather important). With all of that settled I’m conducting the last checks, brief the crew, call traffic control and am ready for Take-Off. Always with absolute confidence and a feeling of thrilled anticipation, thanks to perfect preparation.

Why I’m telling you all this in a Blog about IT-security? Because I would do all of that as well, if I would oversee a company’s IT. I’d have to have a detailed idea of where I am heading, respectively what we need to achieve (getting from A to B), by when this must happen and what resources are at my disposal (fuel, weight). But most importantly: I’d have to have a clear, holistic data protection strategy!

What I am experiencing in companies today though, is often nowhere near this ideal concept of perfect preparation. I am regularly confronted with CIOs and Heads of IT, who are intending to fly through the alps without having any idea of where they want to land or at which altitude they must travel to overcome the challenges and dangers ahead; say “Mountains”, also known as “Cyber Attacks”. Additionally, many of them are sitting in their cockpit, only checking the instruments right in front of them, never looking out of their windows. Their only goal is to somehow keep the lights on in their data center, not having the slightest idea what is happening outside of their walls.

Now what would probably happen if they are hit by such new and often devastating attacks like Wannacry or Petya? For them, that would be like facing a monstrous thunderstorm which came pretty much out of nowhere. Without any chance to avoid or go around it, the only remaining option for them would be to fly right through, hold tight and pray for their lives – or in that case: their careers.

Increasing your chances of survival in such a case can be done in many ways: having regular backups is a good way to start, restore tests on a regular basis are recommended too. Having an Isolated Recovery Solution could also prove to be the parachute that saves your life.

The most ideal scenario however is obviously not needing any life-saving measures at all – which you probably never will, if you start your journey perfectly prepared. Now this is of course easier said than done. But it’s also nothing you must face alone. Just like the crew on the ground in aviation, there are powerful and experienced partners to help with your IT as well. And some of the industry’s best can be found within Dell Technologies: RSA and SecureWorks.

In every area of modern IT-security, they have the right solution or service for your individual needs:

They can help you to ensure, that the most sensitive parts of your company are well protected: your core data and business-critical applications and with that your very own customers and employees.

So: Are you „Ready for Take-Off”? Act like a pilot and get prepared. By that, you too can start the journey to your businesses next destination with absolute confidence and the feeling of thrilled anticipation.

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