EMC Gives Back for Serbia

Serbia is under water. And urgently needs help. The floods have caused untold damage. EMC is trying to raise money for the relief and reconstruction.

Currently, EMC Austria and Eastern Europe are running a campaign for Charity:Water, and parts of eastern Europe need help themselves. An historic flood has hit Serbia and the Balkan region.

You can’t fail to be moved when you receive such e-mails in your inbox. Not Birthday wishes, meeting invites or invitations to meet up for a coffee. But cries for help.

“Houses are flooded up to the second floor, entire villages are without electricity and cut off from the fresh water supply. People are trapped, unable to go anywhere except onto their roofs – mothers, children, old people,“ reports Miroslav Vraneš, EMC South-East Europe.

40.000 evacuated

The rescue services are doing what they can, but humans are defenseless against the mighty powers of Nature. More than 40.000 people have been evacuated thusfar. In Belgrade, they are busy setting up kilometer-long barriers using sacks filled with sand, hoping that these will hold back the floodwaters of the Danube and the Sava rivers.

EMC Gives Back has reacted straight away to this urgent situation and is collecting donations. Violeta Vojinovic is coordinating EMC’s efforts: “At the weekend, I discussed this issue with my manager. We informed all employees about the situation at a business meeting. That very day, we received the appeal for help from Miroslav Vraneš.“

EMC is now collecting voluntary donations of goods from employees. These are being transported twice a week to the collection points in Vienna. EMC Austria is covering the transport costs. “We are currently in contact with EMC Corporation to coordinate a financial contribution. That might take a while, but will provide crucial help for the reconstruction,” explains Vojinovic.

EMC operates worldwide and wants to help where help is needed most. “We have employees who are affected by the catastrophe. So we decided, as well as contributing to the main cause of Charity:Water, that we would also do something towards the current drastic situation,” said Vojinovic.

The Serbian Government for donations can be found here. Further information about Donations from Austria can be found here: Balkan floods support.

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