EMC Gives Back: Charity:Water Spring Campaign 2014

After some successful campaigns in the past years EMC is doing another fundraise for Scott Harrisons’s Charity:Water. Karin Richman is organizing the campaign and answers our questions.

EMC Karin Richman
EMC Karin Richman works for the Charity:Water Campaign.

What is the aim for EMC of supporting charity: water?
Karin Richman:
From a local (Austrian/Eastern European) point-of-view, the aim is to rally round a single worthy cause to bring everybody together behind the charity.

How is EMC supporting charity: water? What are you doing exactly?
We are launching local initiatives to encourage employees and their friends and relatives to make donations towards our goal of USD 5000. We are involving employees’ children in the Vienna Kids’ Run, we will launch a quiz to raise awareness for the subject of water and its conservation in an everyday context and we will encourage employees to change their drinking habits for the Focus week and donate money which they save through that to the charity.

Why did you choose charity: water?
We are fortunate to take our water supply for granted. The most affected by water supply issues are women and children. Charity:water uses 100% of monies donated to fund projects where water is needed and improves the general health of women and children also enabling them to use their time to get an education, for example.

What can we all learn from this?
Having direct access to a clean water supply has far-reaching consequences within the societies concerned.

Since you’re using Facebook, Twitter and Co.: Where there new benefits for you?
Since I began actively using Twitter, LinkedIn and Xing as tools for my work, I have been able to reconnect with many former colleagues for other companies and other countries as well as connecting with new people around the world who have the same interests as me.

Which are there exactly?
Effective use of Twitter means that interesting information from the web is pre-filtered for me. And on LinkedIn I have a great network to provide answers to questions I might have about doing my job.

Did using Social Media make your life easier or more complex?
Initially, social media made my life a little more complex as I had not yet learnt how to deal with the various channels properly. But one year on, I am confident that I have the balance right and am now using them to good effect with no detriment to my work or my free time!

To your opinion, how do you think it influences people in fund raising?
I think that social media is a good way to gain extra support for causes when fund raising. It is just so much easier to contact large numbers of people who are like-minded. I believe that many people want to make donations, but do not know where to find the information to help them make informed decisions. Social media gives them easy access to that information. Sites like Just Giving in the UK and US enable me to sponsor my cousins when they participate in marathons for the benefit of Cancer Research or to support my colleagues when they take part in a cycling event for the benefit of AIDS sufferers, for example.

If you wish to support EMC and Charity:Water, just have a look at this site. For further Information you can also read the detailed report about Karin’s Work and the Charity:Water campaign here.

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