World Environment Day at EMC Kenya


Each Year, EMC employees set out to celebrate World Environment Day with the aim of creating a change and making a positive impact in the future of the environment.

This year, 14 employees at EMC Kenya organised a Tree Planting in Nairobi’s Karura Forrest. Indeed, on June 5th the team raised up to 14,000 KSH and were able to purchase 40 indigenous trees. It was a fun and joyful experience followed by a celebratory picnic, making it a day to remember.

This initiative aligns with EMC’s sustainability goals. We have always aimed at expanding our impact in our communities while continuously working towards shrinking our ecological footprint. For instance, in 2015 we exceeded our GHG emission reduction targets on a global scale , and continued to work towards the adoption of renewable energies, increasing our product efficiency, all while paying close attention to supplier sustainability. We also implemented a take back program aiming at reducing eWaste through recycling projects in India since 2014, and in China and Brazil by 2020.

While our core business consists in the modernisation of our clients’ data centres, making a sustainable impact on the environment remains at the forefront of our operations.


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