Any business can move to – and benefit from – the world of big data

Move to the BG

Big data is one of the strongest drivers of innovation in the world today and almost every customer we have spoken to at our various speaking and training engagements has an initiative to capitalise on it.
Nigeria is one of EMC’s most prominent African markets. EMC and Hortonworks recently hosted a conference about big data for the Nigerian financial services sector. We found that although very few had a clear approach, most of the decision makers in attendance were trying to make sense of big data and were working on creating innovative products from a data-rich platform.
There are endless examples of international companies that are getting this right.
Über is the largest taxi company in the world, but it does not own a single vehicle because its primary product is data, not transport. Some of the biggest banks and Telcos have become truly data driven organizations using Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms.
Data – and EMC’s data lake solutions – is driving the making of the next episode in the Avatar movie series. Watch here how Lightstorm Entertainment harnesses big data for the big screen.
By 2020, it is estimated the digital universe will reach 44 trillion gigabytes of data. Your business needs to ensure that it is ready to reap the benefits of this information avalanche.
EMC helps businesses store, analyze, and protect their data, transforming their opportunity to understand customer behavior, optimize operations, manage risk and enable innovation.

The challenge
At the conference, Senior Manager, systems engineer for EMC in the TEEAM region Noumeh Tahhan emphasized that data is changing the way business is being done. Unfortunately, legacy platforms were not designed to host the new types of data being generated, as pointed out by Ankur Gupta, Hortonworks Technical Director.
Business that wants to get a solid ROI from big data needs to start with their infrastructure because data and data analytics can no longer be left to an isolated, siloed IT department. Analytics has become a business discipline that must be embedded across the organisation for it to be profitable.

Using data lakes to mine big data
EMC and Hortonworks have teamed up to help customers prioritize their big data projects. Our partnership offers clients a variety of solutions, services as well as new knowledge on big data and analytics. We recommend that our customers employ a phased approach.
At the conference, Specialist Engineer Eric Elmasry Snr said the first step towards a big data project is storing and analyzing all data in a datalake. The Isilon Network Attached Storage is designed to consolidate data siloes, bringing applications to shared data and offering customers massive yet independent scaling.
This will help you modernize your data center and gain insight from your big data.

Turn your data into revenue
EMC provides the infrastructure you need to derive business outcomes from your data.
• Scale-out speed. Our solutions are quick, scalable and integrated. Gain web-scale capacity quickly and without disruption by scaling at the core and integrating with the cloud. Leverage massive capacity with no need for data migrations.
• Eliminate siloes. Enterprise data growth is best addressed by consolidating storage into one central repository with single volume architecture to simplify analytics and management no matter how large your data environment gets.
• Insights through analytics. Whether descriptive, diagnostic, or predictive analytics, the greatest insights come from a powerful infrastructure – giving your company a competitive edge and increased revenue.
Read more about how an EMC Data Lake gives you one single system to capture, store, analyze, protect, manage and scale your data. Everything is faster without the need to move and copy data across silos.

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